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any Department within the UM. A strength of this program involves the extensive breadth of cancer-related research laboratories available to the trainees within the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMCCC). The Cancer Center is among the top 5 NCI- designated cancer centers in terms of grant support dollars. Didactic curriculum include participation in the Academic Association of Surgery course in Fundamentals of Surgical Research and the Tumor Biology course given by faculty of the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center.

There is a critical need for surgical oncologists trained in the research disciplines. The purpose of this NIH training program is to foster the development of such individuals and provide didactic teaching and research training for surgical residents who are interested in pursuing academic careers in surgical oncology. The trainees of this program will become leaders in surgical oncology to enhance cancer research and cancer care. Trainees will be MD post-graduates in surgical residency programs who will be enrolled in a two-year fellowship. Trainees are matched to senior mentors who have research programs that are oncology-related. Mentors can be associated with an

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If interested, application materials include a curriculum vitae, 1-page personal statement, and a 1-page research plan with identified mentor(s). These need to be submitted by February 28th of each year for consideration of a start date of July 1st of the next year.


Application materials should be submitted to:

Jacqueline Jeruss, M.D., Ph.D. (Director)
Division of Surgical Oncology
3302 Cancer Center

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