Michigan Model of Leadership

As a new academic year begins, fellow Michigan health services researcher and Pulmonary/Critical Care Physician Jack Iwashyna recently asked the following on twitter...

It was met with great enthusiasm and many offered their recommendations of excellent leadership articles. Examples included classics from Harvard Business Review or the fabulously written book by Amy Edmondson, "Teaming".

I shared the "Michigan Model of Leadership" by Scott DeRue, the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Dean and Professor of Management and Organizations. It provides a unique perspective on leadership and carefully highlights the importance of "Mindful Engagement" in the pursuit of making a positive difference in the world. The Michigan Model rests of 4 core pillars --Empathy, Drive, Integrity, and Courage.

I would highly encourage all aspiring leaders to read this article and share it with their colleagues as we all seek the "holy grail" of organizations where we develop a learning culture committed to not only our own personal growth, but the personal growth of our colleagues.

The pdf of the article -- "Developing Adaptive Leaders for Turbulent Times: The Michigan Model of Leadership" can be found here.

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