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The Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative is a physician-led quality improvement program comprised of hospitals and surgeons who perform bariatric surgery in the state of Michigan. Funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, the collaborative is focused on enhancing the care for bariatric surgery patients throughout the state and has become a national leader in surgical quality improvement.

Participating centers submit data to a central clinical registry.  We then meet throughout the year to analyze our data and identify areas for improvement.  Together we design and implement strategies to achieve our improvement goals. Through a process of continuous assessment and evaluation, we are able to refine those strategies to ensure the highest level of care for all of our patients.  


Since our launch in 2006, the MBSC has grown to include nearly all hospitals that perform bariatric surgery in Michigan, reflecting the wide diversity of populations and practice settings in our state.


By working together, we have increased safety for patients having bariatric surgery in Michigan. Through our collective efforts, we have lowered the risk for wound infections and potentially life threatening blood clots, reduced the use of unnecessary procedures, and dropped the rate of readmissions to the hospital following surgery.  

Check out our initiative, M-PIRRE.

Hear what MBSC Surgeons have to say about the Collaborative in the testimonial video below!

For more information visit or call 734-998-7481.

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