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At least 15 million Americans are more than 100 pounds overweight. While weight loss surgery is a very effective treatment for obesity, it also has risks. There are four different types of weight loss surgery as well as medical weight loss treatment and the risks and benefits of these treatments vary widely and are strongly affected by patient factors. The treatment options also vary in other ways (such as side effects and the type of diet that must be followed after surgery), that should be considered when deciding whether or what type of weight loss treatment to have.


We have created a web-based interactive decision support tool, called "My Weight Loss Journey" that incorporates tailored information regarding risks and benefits of weight loss treatment options. We have recruited 800+ patients to evaluate the tool and to determine its effects on patients' decisions and outcomes among patients considering weight loss treatment in Michigan.


The final version of the decision tool will be in the form of a website where patients will enter data about themselves and receive a customized report of the expected risks and benefits of the different types of weight loss treatment based on their personal characteristics. This tool will also provide patients with information about other attributes of the treatment options that should be considered based on data from interviews with bariatric patients and providers.

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